A black screen dominated by the large, imposing OFFICIAL LOGO of the MINISTRY OF INFORMATION. The logo is accompanied by the voice of an ANNOUNCER, his DEEP TONES designed to drive FEAR into the hearts of the audience.

The following program has been sanctioned by the Ministry of Information for viewing only by category A citizens. The viewing of this program by citizens of a lesser order may result in termination. The company wishes you a pleasant day.

Recap of important plot points and scenes from Episode 1. The following scenes in KANTRELL'S apartment on Ganymede comprise a pre-credits sequence.

It is a new morning on Ganymede, and the sky is a mixture of a deep pink and crimson as the forcefield automatically adjusts the light levels for daylight. This is what passes for dawn on Jupiter's moons. We see a street, obviously a new development, the houses all shiny and new. It is almost a brochure image of the cliched white picket fence neighbourhood, except that everything looks as though it has been crafted just a little too perfectly. The grass is a perfect shade of green, the houses perfectly painted and glistening in the early morning light. It's difficult to put a finger on, but something is not quite right - as though the neighbourhood has been created for humans by aliens after watching fifties television. The scene feels like something out of the Twilight Zone.

Colourful alien creatures go about their early morning business along the street. Each is a different bright colour, has an unusual number of appendages, or is otherwise obviously alien. We settle on one particular home, the number 6 engraved on the gate in the white picket fence. Walking up the front path is the most curious creature you can imagine. Seemingly supported by an uncountable collection of tentacles instead of legs, the visitor resembles a giant egg from the waist up. Most of the front of the egg-like body is taken up by a single giant eye with massive fluttery eyelashes which makes the creature look both incredibly alien and unbearably cute at the same time. This is Doctor FEELGOOD. There is no discernible mouth. Floating behind him is a doctor's case on a small self-propelled hovering platform. The creature scuttles up to the front door and rings the bell.

Space Artwork Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech.
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