Rewind: Dark Carousel
By Simon Burford

Forget the kids, leave everything to yourself and begin again in paradise.

"Light, heat, power. Things my parents took for granted are now beyond our reach. We plundered the Earth's resources until there was nothing beneath our feet but a hollow shell, and the earth said: 'No more' - and then, as is the Human way, we moved on to other worlds, other galaxies, and took what we needed.

We work the last of the Homeworld mines. What little the planet has left to give provides power for the elite. The rest of us, we take what we're given and we're thankful for it. Days become weeks, weeks become months. Life without hope, that is nothing but existence."

Kantrell Adams.
Category C Citizen, New Amsterdam.

A shattered world, a distant war. Humanity hangs by a thread, its survival dependant on events taking place on a world countless light years away - a world to which Kantrell has been sent to die. Or at least, a part of him...

Rewind: Dark Carousel is the second book in the Rewind trilogy - a science fiction parody with a dark heart - and is currently in development. The text is uniquely presented in script form, allowing the reader to picture the scene as though watching it on the big screen, and for visual humour to finally work in a book. Again.

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