So what makes Rewind different from a traditional 80s text adventure or gamebook, apart from the meticulously crafted graphics and 30 years of extra memory just crying out to be filled with more story than a 16K ZX Spectrum could've ever imagined?

Imagine an adventure so rich, so immersive that it'll be like reading a book and making a decision at the end of every paragraph that changes the story. Imagine a game where every command you give, however insane, results in a paragraph that moves the story on - a game with no repetition, big on story, and which reads like a book.

Oh, and there's no typing required. Every active object in the text is underlined, and can be clicked to reveal a menu of things you can do to that object - right-clicking anywhere reveals a multilevel menu featuring every possible object and command currently available, so you don't even have to hunt through the text looking for a particular word.

Like such IF classics as The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy before it, Rewind will be an adaptation of an existing book. Unlike H2G2, however, the game will run on computers and mobile devices capable of holding the entire text of the book, which means that the story will be far truer to the original. It will actually feel like playing a book, and where old school text adventures will have you stuck in a room for hours trying to work out exactly what combination of hieroglyphics you need to type in order to persuade a troll to give you a sword, Rewind will involve you in a constantly moving story which evolves and develops according to your decisions (or lack thereof).

Rewind: Interactive Edition will also include original location and concept art throughout, an original soundtrack, and built-in mini-games to break up the reading.

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