Rewind: Interactive Edition
By Simon Burford

Format (TBC): PC, Mac, Mobile

Status: In Development


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Rewind: Interactive Edition will be a darkly surreal work of interactive fiction for PC, Mac, iPhone, Android, and whatever cool new OS some random tablet manufacturer manages to pull out of their butt before the release date just to really piss us off when we finally think we're getting somewhere. Experience your own personal slice of 80s technology without having to splash out hard earned credits on a time machine. Or wait for someone to invent a time machine.


You attempt to put Rewind: Interactive Edition into your basket, but alas it does not yet exist and so the attempt fails. This places you into an existential quarry, where you are able to mine enough slate to employ a better proofreader.


You decide to camp outside the store to be first in line on release day. However, the game will only be available to buy online, so this does mean erecting a tent and building a campfire in your living room.

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