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"My name is Kantrell Adams. I am a category C Citizen in the city of New Amsterdam. My parents, they were law abiding citizens before the neutron wars. I was just a baby when the bombs fell.

I work for The Company. We all work for The Company in one way or another. They tell us when to eat and when to sleep. They monitor our communications and dictate who we talk to. Some say they even listen to our dreams.

Life in New Amsterdam is dark. Dark like the colour of the bleakest night in hell."

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Rewind, Interactive Edition
(For PC, Mac and iOS)

I am working on a full length interactive novel based on Rewind, which will be playable either in the style of a choose-your-own-adventure book or, for hardcore puzzle solvers, as a fully interactive experience where words in the text can be clicked to move the story on. You can read more here.

Individual Episodes now available to download
I will be making episodes available to download/buy as they are written - you can find them over on the script pages. A sample from episode 1 is free to download, while full episodes are available to buy for only £1.99 (£0.99 for episode 1). If you like what you read, please consider making a donation to Cancer Research UK in memory of my parents by clicking the "Just Giving" box at the bottom of this page. Thank you.

Rewind: The Empyreum War
The first book in the Rewind trilogy is available now for Kindle, iPad, iPhone and Android (via the Kindle app). A paperback edition is also available. Buy now in the Rewind Shop, or read more about the Rewind project over at the About Rewind page.

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"Rewind is a brand new dark Sci-Fi comedy thriller for 2016, started in memory of my parents who both lost their lives to cancer - all I ask is that, if you like what you read, you take a few moments to make a small donation to Cancer Research UK, and I will also give a donation from sales of Rewind merchandise.

Painting a bleak vision of a post-apocalyptic dystopia ruled over by The Company, the Rewind script has been described as a curious mixture of Blade Runner, Airplane! and Scary Movie. Rewind will make you laugh, cry and jump with shock in equal proportions - and if it doesn't, a couple of droids from the department of corrections will be around to sort you out."

- Simon Burford, Writer and Creator.

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