Major Allcock is in command of the latest group of rookie marines heading out to LV13 to start their service. He may be a hard taskmaster, but also likes to think of himself as one of the lads. When his small group of marines leave Earth for their 6 week journey, little do they suspect the nightmare and horrors that await them. By the time they arrive at Sanctuary Base, everything will have changed. Stranded on an alien world, far from home, Allcock and his troops find themselves alone against the Zentrassi horde...

As our story opens, Kantrell is a category C citizen in the city of New Amsterdam - a domed metropolis built upon the ruins of New York. Earth's fuel reserves are all but gone. As a worker at the last functioning mine, life for Kantrell is already bleak and without hope, but things becomes much worse when he is called to serve at the Empyreum mines on LV13, a distant world which promises the only hope for Humankind but is also home to the mysteriously aggressive Zentrassi. Nobody ever returns from LV13 alive.

Hunter and Beckett believe themselves to be two of the roughest, toughest workers at the mine. When Deacon, and then Kantrell's entire family vanish, their investigations lead them into a twilight world of lies and deceit which will ultimately lead to a more shocking truth than either of them could have possibly imagined. Pursued by assassination droids and with the Company hot on their heels, Hunter and Beckett must discover what has happened to Kantrell and expose the truth before everything they know is lost forever.

With their son Darwin, Marie and Kantrell live in a cramped accommodation unit overlooking the neon lit streets of New Amsterdam, a simple room bathed in a constant red aura. Every move is watched by the Company, some say every thought, and Marie knows that a single word out of place can lead to entire families vanishing overnight. With Kantrell heading offworld, she wonders how she will support Darwin - those who do not pull their weight live in constant fear of termination. Only a miracle can save her now.

Charon is self imposed chairman of the Company - the most powerful, and by extension the most feared man in the whole of the empire. He rules with an iron fist, people falling before his wrath. Nevertheless, he has to be seen as a benevolent leader to those outside the empire, and ensures that offworld Company operations are seen to be fair and legal by outsiders. The unintelligent Zentrassi are a thorn in his paw.

Just when all seems lost, Saishani suddenly turns up in the right place at the right time. Introducing Marie to an experimental project being undertaken by the Company, she explains that it is possible to backup Kantrell's thoughts and memories, restoring them into a cloned body if her husband is killed on LV13. Not only is it possible for Kantrell to live forever in this way, but he can come back in a fitter, younger body. This is the miracle Marie has been praying for. It all seems a little too good to be true...

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